Tuesday, March 10, 2015

White, Blue and Black.

I am currently in the mood for everything simple and basic starts from color to the outfit I wear. I am really into black, white, blue and grey as you can see in this outfit post, only white, blue and black appear hehe. And oh...I really love my backpack!

Berhubung kita lagi membahas topik tentang outfit, kalian semua pasti tidak asing lagi dengan Zalora Indonesia yang merupakan situs web berbelanja online yang menyediakan berbagai jenis kebutuhan mode dari merek lokal hingga internasional. Yang menarik perhatian saya adalah halaman baju couple dari Zalora Indonesia. I believe that wearing couple clothes with your loved one is always a cute thing to do! Apalagi Zalora Indonesia sudah menyediakan berbagai macam pilihan baju couple yang lucu - lucu. Produk baju couple dapat dilihat di Zalora

So, I am gonna go back to all my journal articles for now :(


Sunday, February 8, 2015

China Trippin' (Jinhua-Zhoushan-Shanghai-Hangzhou)

Quite a long hiatus, I know. Compensating it with this update hehe. So last year December I went to China for 10 days and got to spend my new year there. Yes despite for the sun was shining very brightly as you can see, it was so cold. The lowest I could remember is zero Celsius.

My vacation was mostly full of walking in the park, strolling around neighborhood and religious activities in different temples. The view was insanely breath-taking, trees with fallen leaves, the lake and temples. I brought many food homeeee too, so happpy. I am also very excited to share my video diary with you all! Please looking forward to it heheh.


It is kind of late though but I want to deliver my deepest condolences for the victims and the family during the incident on New Year's Eve in Shanghai. I was in the other side of the city on that night and could not believe the shocking news that woke me up on 1st January. May you all rest in peace. 

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Tous les Jours






Omg! Just realized that this post has been on my draft since two months ago. I am really sorry for the late post (as always) hehee.

These photos were taken from the outing with my girls. We went to restaurant called Nosh at Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur to have our late lunch and I should say my food was only okay while others seemed to not really enjoy the food they ordered. But, since we were all hungry, we managed to finish the food. 

After we all finished the food, we were walking around and taking some pictures where it was my time to take my outfit photos as well. So I wore the crop top that I bought from Romp and the suppppppaaa comfy jeans I got from Berhska. Do not the forget the highlight that day, platform boots from Happy2ucc which are very comfy and light. Also, the all time favourite bag that I always wore from Cartier. 

After the pictures taking session, we moved to Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur and I managed to secretly take a picture of cute couple wearing all black. They wore the same outfit which really catch my eyes. Here they are.....

That's it for now, thanks for reading. New post is coming up soon! Stay in touch and have a nice weekend y'all! :)

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Matchy matchy

Yeayyy! I'm so excited! Because I'm going to go back to my hometown tomorrow. Erm.. Not particularly my hometown, it's my Grandmum's. I always spend Chinese New Year there. It's a  small city called Bengkalis, the celebration sure is still very traditional where we will go to temple in the midnight to pray and people will set fireworks. 

Here are my very casual outfit photos of me for attending classes. Hehe. I love the bag so much which I got from H&M with a very good deallll RM20 only. 

I have to pack my stuffs now. Are you all as excited as me? Would like to know it! Happy holiday! Happy Chinese New Year! Good year ahead, lovelies! Xx

Friday, January 17, 2014

Concept matter

I'm quite having some free time this month. The school wasn't really start since there were too many holiday (University holiday due to holiday which only applicable in Nilai since my uni is located here). Soon, there will be Chinese New Year break! Cannot wait to go back to my hometown and earn my hong bao hahaha. 

This post is about my day out with my shopping, eating and everything partner, Glaudya. She is just a perfect partner to spend a day with. Glaudya and I went to Midvalley and Sunway Pyramid last Sunday. We also visited Fullhouse Lifestyle Store and Cafe at Sunway Pyramid. Fullhouse Lifestyle Store and Cafe is a dual concept place where you can have a meal and also shop on the items it provides. But, the main focus is surely the food. From the menu, I can see there are variety of food it provides for consumers. I could also see the Korean food in the menu! I ordered main dishes so I haven't tried the cakes yet, will definitely come again and have a quality tea time with my friends soon. Another plus point is the place is so lovely with the white domination. Kind of romantic. Really happy once I found out about this place.

Al-Fungi Spaghetti is my favorite!

This is the outfit I wore that day, quite comfy because I need to catch on KTM and rapidKL. The creepers I wore are from Huiicloset. I don't really prefer the shoes with low sole except flat shoes. I just be more confident wearing high sole shoes. So, creeper is my choice. I can stay comfy walking and shopping whole day and stay confident. The price that the shop provides is also affordable with the good quality. Check the store out! Favorite store so far :)

Last but not least, check Fullhouse Lifestyle Store and Cafe's webpage for more info about the place. This can be your hang out place for the weekend. Have a nice weekend ahead xx

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