Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Film Updates + Bits of China

I bought my film camera almost a year ago from a trusted camera online shop in Malaysia (I can't believe I just got time to share these with you guys, I posted some on Instagram though). I got it with a reasonable price with two free Superia 200 films and I bought one extra roll which was Potra 400. I saw the results of using both films online, I should say I hoped to produce the same awesome pictures. It arrived few days before my flight to China and I was so excited I got to try my first roll there. My first roll mostly consists of scenery, I just couldn't resist the totally different surroundings and just keep clicking. I used Superia 200 for my first try. You can also see my previous post about my China trip!

In this second roll with Potra 400, it has less scenery and more people. I brought my film camera with me when I had important lunch gathering with all my Indonesian friends, small getaway to Singapore and celebration after final exam (by eating). Some Most of the pictures are either contain light leaks in it or blurry. I am terribly sorry for that as I was still adapting to this camera, I still am...and I also asked others to take the pictures because I wanna be in some of the pictures (it included in teaching some strangers to use this film camera and ended up with blurry results + films wastage). Another point is that these rolls can't be developed just anywhere and thankfully I found the trusted photographic services which is very rare to be found in Malaysia!

I should say that I like both films results. Superia 200 produced such good pictures since I took mostly outdoor photos and scenery. Potra 400 also produced such great pictures and filter outdoor and even at night with flash, but I mostly used it indoor without flash. I think Potra 400 can produce better with flash or simply put, I just have to experience more using my film camera. Oh! It's Olympus Mjuii by the way. Hope you guys like the photos! Feel free to comment or contact me if you have some questions that I haven't explained here. 


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